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BASTRO: Compact Power Station of Undeniable Power Density

Packed density that runs your house fridge for hours and 5 devices at once. Control each output remotely through its mobile app.


  • 2,000Wh to power 5 devices at once

  • Runs a freezer for 40 hours

  • Smart battery management system w/ mobile app

  • Quiet as a fan

  • Eco-conscious as a Tesla

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Packed Power Capacity

BASTRO carries a whopping 2,000Wh in just 30lbs —smaller than a travel backpack but enough power to run your home freezer for hours.

A Smart Companion

With its advanced app and internal Battery Management System (BMS), BASTRO intuitively monitors its own condition. Automatically detects and alerts overheating, overcurrent, and overcharge.

The Sustainable Choice

BASTRO runs on lithium-ion battery, the same battery type used to power a Tesla. Enjoy the highly efficient and effective power with less carbon emission.

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